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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Sep 21, 2023

Kristin takes a journey into deeper waters alongside her good friend, Jenny. As they delved into their discussion, it became clear that deep waters represent the ongoing reliance on our faith. Just as the ocean is vast and seemingly endless, so are the challenges and uncertainties that life presents us. In these moments, we must turn to our faith, trusting that it will provide us with the strength and guidance needed to navigate through the depths.


One powerful aspect of our faith journey is the ability to meet with God in our thoughts. In these quiet moments of reflection, we can establish a deeper connection with our spirituality. During their conversation, Jenny and Kristin also discussed the importance of not being judgmental in our thoughts. By maintaining a continuous reliance on Him, we become more attuned to his calling. It's not about dwelling on the depths of our struggles but recognizing opportunities for growth and transformation.


As Christians, we understand that Jesus is our anchor in the deep waters of life. He meets us in our deep heart places, offering solace and guidance when we need it most. Deep waters symbolize the continuous reliance on our faith, the importance of non-judgmental thinking, and the transformative power of accepting Jesus into our lives. As we navigate life's uncertainties, may we find comfort in believing that we are never truly alone.


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