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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Nov 24, 2023

"Kristin, what do you do when your spouse doesn't support your dreams?"

I received this question after speaking at a moms group recently and I instantly wanted to bring my husband to answer this question.

So that's what we did. I had him join me on the mic this week to answer this specific question. 

Thank you to our...

Apr 22, 2021

On today's episode I sit side by side with my husband in the recording studio. Joshua and I walk through what our own growth has been like in the past year individually and as a couple.

Our hope is that after listening to the show you can walk away with these two questions to ask your spouse:

-How are you pursuing your...

Sep 11, 2020

This week on Wholistic Hearts, Jami Amerine, author of Stolen Jesus and Well, Girl, became an instant friend while we recorded this episode. (You'll have to excuse my giggles in the beginning...because well, that's just who I am.)

Being a fellow wellness mama of youngsters who have allergies and celiac, we hit it off...

Jul 31, 2020

Thanks to our listeners for writing into the show and posting on IG your awesome marriage and parenting questions! We round out our marriage and parenting series this week with answering questions from YOU.  

Some of today's questions covered:

1. In marriage, sometimes one spouse would like sex more than the other, how...

Jul 24, 2020

Have you ever said yes to a commitment and everything in you was screaming, “No!” Well, what you experienced was a first hand experience of crossing boundaries. 

On this week’s episode on Wholistic Hearts Podcast, Joshua and Kristin talk about the very important healthy aspect of boundaries within marriage,...