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Wholistic Hearts- A Journey from the Head to the Heart

Sep 18, 2020

Letting It Soak In (Part One)

Hold Up. Let's just hit pause. Do you ever listen to a podcast and think, “Wow, I need to just sit on that and let it soak in?” 

Yep, so did Joshua and Kristin.  

These past few weeks on Wholistic Hearts Podcast have been jam packed with so much wisdom Joshua and Kristin wanted to make sure we are taking time to digest all the goodness.  

This week, Joshua and Kristin are discussing how Allen Arnold’s conversation on our previous show about Creativity in Chaos has become reality as of late more than ever.  

If you haven't listened to Allen's interview on Wholistic Hearts, go here.

Joshua and Kristin's takeaways and nuggets they are holding: 

-Our gifting is a weapon of light. 

-Use our gifting to counter the chaos. 

-Your gifting will not be sunshine and rainbows.

-Distinguishing the difference between hard time vs. chaos

-Love Vs. Fear Driven 

-Are we savoring what we have accomplished and what that looks like 

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