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Come On, Fhqwhpods! - A Homestar Runner Podcast

May 25, 2021

Full disclosure, this was supposed to go out last week, but life is complicated sometimes. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last year and we are looking forward to even more Homestar Runner fun!

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May 12, 2021

Mara Wilson joins the gang on their 100th/1-Year Anniversary episode as they discuss the one and only wingaling dragon: Trogdor the Burninator.

Mara Wilson:

May 6, 2021

The gang is finally talking about the blue-haired hero of 20X6 and writer/director David Zuckerman of Crooked Jaw Productions is UP FOR THE CHALLEEEEEEEEEENGE!!

David Zuckerman:

May 4, 2021

The gang is joined by writer/director (and fellow Alaskan) David Zuckerman of Crooked Jaw Productions as they discuss what Strong Bad's current current status with the ladies is.

David Zuckerman: