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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Dec 24, 2021

Scott Feehan, 44, is a director of a music festival and an IT professional in Lafayette, Louisiana. In 90 days without drinking, Scott lost 24lbs, generated clear-headedness, feels fantastic in the mornings and is loving life. Listen to how he did it and what his wife says about his achievemnent.

If you want to get...

Dec 22, 2021

How many mornings do you wake up hungover and promise yourself you are getting sober, only to find yourself with a drink in your hand a day or so later?

No, you aren’t crazy or lacking willpower. There is a reason that being alcohol-free seems like a great, yet unattainable goal.

Find out how Project 90 coaching and...

Dec 16, 2021

Patty Mikinka found herself isolated, drinking and unhappy. The IT manager from Pleasanton, east of San Francisco, said enough was enough and enrolled in the Project 90 experience.

Patty soon quit drinking and generated weight loss, spiritual growth and community with her neighbors as she walked her dog, Cassie. Listen...

Dec 14, 2021

Sarah quit drinking alcohol in October 2019, right before the lead into Christmas. In this episode, she discusses the common fear people have: how to tell others you're not drinking and how she navigates social situations as a non-drinker.

Being sober does not mean you can't have fun. It allows you to find alternatives...

Dec 10, 2021

Jonah Vincent, 38, was recently nominated for a Grammy Music Award. AND he had his bachelor party. AND he got married. He did it all without alcohol.

How did he do it? And what impact is that having in his community in Raleigh, North Carolina? Listen in to Jonah's inspiring journey.

Would you like to stop drinking and...