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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Jan 27, 2022

Travis Campbell's life seemed perfect from the outside. A married vice president at a private money management firm in Portland, Oregon...none of the 34-year-old's friends, colleagues or parents suspected Travis's drinking habits were that bad.

The reality was very different. Travis says his drinking was putting a...

Jan 25, 2022

Project 90 coaches James Swanwick, Victoria English and Kevin Schouweiler sit down for dinner and discuss the moments they quit drinking. If you want to stop drinking, quit alcohol and live an alcohol-free lifestyle, listen in to these top three coaches.

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Jan 20, 2022

Husband and father Raj Pandher, 42, from Pleasanthill, California is a software developer who admits he was drinking too much for too long. His marriage was being impacted, he didn't feel good and he wanted a change. Raj joined our Project 90 program and is now 130 days alcohol free, as this conversation was recorded....

Jan 18, 2022

Why do men typically drink beer and liquor, and women often drink wine? Coincidence? Nope! Coach V got the inside scoop from Project90 member, Chris Kirn. Chris worked in advertising for many years, and is sharing how alcohol companies are keeping you from become alcohol-free. It may be shocking to realize how much...

Jan 13, 2022

Shanee Lawrence, 46, is an F45 Studio owner in Brisbane, Australia. By Shanee's admission, she was drinking far too much over a number of years and justifying it by claiming "it's normal". With her marriage feeling strained and not being present for her son, Shanee decided to take action. She joined our Project...