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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Feb 23, 2023

James Swanwick is interviewed on Ben Pavliha's YouTube channel and podcast. The two talk about their alcohol free journeys and how they managed to quit and stay quit. Learn how to socialize without alcohol and cement an alcohol free lifestyle.

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Feb 21, 2023

Mike Calandrillo didn't get a DUI, wasn't waking up in a ditch, wasn't hitting rock bottom. But he recognized his drinking habits were holding him back. A long-time listener of this very podcast, Mike enrolled in the Project 90 and Beyond 90 programs, improved his health, deepened his relationships, socialized alcohol...

Feb 17, 2023

How a married mother planned to stop drinking for 30 days and is now four years and counting, and has started an alcohol free movement. Listen to Sara Kaufman-Bradstreet's inspiring story.

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Feb 14, 2023

Love is in the air! Although Valentine’s Day is filled with dreams of idyllic love, our drinking can often create nightmares. To break the cycle, there’s a secret ingredient that can’t be found in a bottle, a bouquet or even a box of chocolates. Tune in as Coach Victoria discusses what might make your...

Throw Away Your Vision Board For 2023 - Victoria English

Feb 9, 2023

When we realize that we are drinking in unhealthy ways, we sometimes become obsessed with being a “normal drinker”. We want to drink the way we assume others drink. Yet, are our assumptions correct? Is drinking an “average” amount going to help us control alcohol? Is being average what we actually want? Join...