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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

How To Know If You Need Help With Your Drinking?

Jun 29, 2023

In our alcohol-saturated society, it can be challenging to know if our drinking is really “that bad”. Do we really need to change anything, especially if our external lives seem great? How about if people around us drink even more than we do? This cognitive dissonance can delay or completely prevent us from taking...

Lessons From One Year Alcohol Free - Josh Pappas, 31

Jun 27, 2023

Josh Pappas joined Project 90 on July 4th, 2022. Now celebrating one year alcohol free, what did the 31-year-old learn? Listen in for tips and inspiration as Josh shares his powerful story.

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Jun 22, 2023

Health Worker Simone was ready to give up. She had tried for years to stop drinking, AA, groups and white knuckling all of which left her feeling like she would never succeed and that alcohol would end up taking her life. In this episode Simone shares how she faced her fear of not being 'enough' and took a final leap of...

Jun 20, 2023

Residential mortgage lender Daryl McCarthy leads a team of 20 mortgage loan officers in Wilmington, Nth Carolina. A moment with his wife on a pier whilst drinking a beer finally inspired him to change his drinking habits. Daryl not only created change in himself, but also inspired many others to have a...

Jun 15, 2023

When Coach V was trapped in the cycle of drinking, she never imagined that she could beat it, and definitely didn’t guess she would go on to help others do the same. After thousands of hours spent happily coaching, hear some of her key lessons. Let’s get you started on your Spring glow up!

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