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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Dec 18, 2022

Coach Victoria English drinks A LOT….she just doesn’t drink alcohol anymore! Like everyone, she wants the holidays to be special and that includes putting something festive in her glass. Tune in as she makes one her favorite alcohol-free mixes.

Being sober at the holidays is a great way to get set for the new year and yes, it is fun! Also, do you want to order a mocktail at a restaurant but fear that everyone will stop and stare? With our coaching, you will learn how to overcome that story, but here is a quick fix for that issue. Victoria tested this out last week when she went out with some new friends.

Not one person noticed that her fancy glass didn’t contain alcohol! This trick works, so don’t miss this episode. Also, spots for the new year are going fast, so book your free discovery call today!

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