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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Nov 16, 2020

It took a near-death experience for Cati Howell to finally quit her 35-year plus drinking habits. And even then her husband Warren chose to continue with his. When Warren finally stopped also, the impact on their marriage, daughters and Warren's businesses was profound. Listen in as UK-based couple Cati and Warren share their incredible story.


  • 0:00 Introduction Warren Howell and Cati Howell
  • 6:35 Drinking habits and Cati’s health problems
  • 15:45 Deciding to quit drinking
  • 31:25 Changes after quitting alcohol
  • 34:40 Advice for people considering quitting drinking
  • 37:30 What people struggle with on the programs
  • 41:50 A letter to alcohol
  • 45:10 Benefits on Warren’s businesses  

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