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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Apr 24, 2024

Sober Functional Nutritionist and Coach Teri Patterson shares her wealth of practical knowledge and tools on how to support your body to reduce cravings and build true health and well-being long term. Whether you're looking to cut back or take a break from drinking these invaluable tips will help you navigate not drinking with ease.

Listen in to Teri Patterson with Sarah Connelly.

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Teri Patterson is a Functional Nutritionist and a This Naked Mind Senior Coach. Teri has helped thousands of people take a break from drinking and create true wellness. Teri is excited to expand her mission of helping people discover true wellness to include her signature program The SELF Experience, exclusively for women who have stopped drinking and are ready to start living!

Teri is also the host of the popular podcast The Sober Edge, Inspiration for Alcohol-Free Living.