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Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

Nov 15, 2022

Ken Middleton was never an alcoholic. In fact, far from it. He was on a growth trajectory, but asked himself an important question: “If I can do this well while drinking, what might I be able to do if I stop?” That decision led him to becoming one of the leaders in the alcohol-conscious movement and a top wellness expert. If you are wondering what alcohol-free living is like, you don’t want to miss this episode. Stop asking yourself, “Am I an alcoholic?” and learn how you can step into the life that’s been waiting for you! We also discuss Ken’s upcoming book, Bamboozled: How Alcohol Makes Fools of All of Us.

We are currently accepting a few applicants for Project 90; use the link in show notes to schedule your interview. Let’s enjoy a Sober October together!

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