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The Fullness Podcast: Menopause Health & Pro Aging the Non Diet Way

Aug 20, 2020

Is food addiction real? Yes or no? What do you think? I recently asked my Facebook Friends if they believed in Food Addiction. The answer was an overwhelming yes.

Updated note 2023: since reading more about food addiction, it seems that there is still conflict about this topic. Some people do struggle with addiction...

Aug 11, 2020

Shifting gears a little bit here! What is a podcast about menopause, without a guest that builds her life around helping women in Perimenopasue?

My first guest is Emily Barclay, founder of the Perimenopause Hub.

Emily shares how her experience in perimenopause was the springboard to create a global community serving...

Aug 6, 2020

Emotional eating can have many roots, can't it? We are human, and we eat with emotion, when happy, in celebration, in faith, and in ceremony. We eat with emotion when with friends, and in grief.

**TW: family dysfunction, alcohol use.
Not intended as medical advice. This is for education and information purposes...

Aug 6, 2020

Losing our mothers, and transitioning into our 50’s, may bring feelings of loss around your own youthful self. I share how my mother is the main inspiration for starting The Fullness Podcast.

My mother passed away when I turned 50.

This was the year I questioned my beliefs, including the idea of dieting.


Aug 6, 2020

Menopause is, and can be, the time to find your calling, find yourself and SHIFT in midlife. How do you feel at this time? What do YOU long to do? 

Reaching menopause, or perimenopause, this FALL season or stage of life, comes with SO many mixed symptoms, AND MIXED FEELINGS.  The FULLNESS PODCAST is here to look at...