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Jun 28, 2023

Are you confident enough to talk about money?


Money, at its core, may seem like a straightforward subject, but when we dig deeper, we discover that it’s not just about numbers and transactions.   


In this episode, Pegi and Felecia explore the intriguing relationship between emotions such as shame, guilt, fear, and other internal struggles, how they can impact our financial lives, the hidden dimensions of money, and its profound effects on our emotional well-being.


Pegi Burdick, The Financial Whisperer,  is a certified financial coach helping women and men reduce their stress and shame about money. 


Felecia Froe, MD is a licensed urological surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She is the owner of Money With Mission, an investment company focused on empowering professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom through social impact investing.


00:00 - To Talk About Money or Not

03:36 - Have Control by Describing Feelings Accurately

06:22 - Pegi’s Inspiration in Writing About Emotions and Money

09:39 - Value Formation and Setting Boundaries to Prevent Inappropriate Responsibility

15:28 - The Hidden Connection Between Emotions and Money

22:09 - Significance of Entitlements and Self-Awareness

24:56 - Overcoming Money Fears

36:12 - Connect with Pegi


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“If you don't know what it is, it will control you. If you do know what it is, there's an answer to the problem.” - Pegi Burdick


“Money is just a tool to express ourselves.” - Pegi Burdick