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Nov 24, 2021

This week, you’ll hear from our guest Jerome Myers, a believer that dreams can, and should be real. Jerome left corporate America when he realized that his role offered financial gain, but little significance. He’s the founder and head coach of Myers Methods and has been featured in Business Insider, Black Enterprise and numerous podcasts.

After building a highly profitable division of a fortune 550 company, Jerome decided to leave the rat race to get away from what seemed to be the endless slew of layoffs. He has developed a system for exiting corporate America and creating a life of impact. Today, he and his company help other apex performers find their callings and live every day on purpose by harnessing the power of his model for a Centered Life (what he calls “the Red Pill”). Jerome and his firm can guide any individual from a monotonous, uninspiring existence to a life of fulfillment and impact.

Tune in to hear how Jerome left corporate America to pursue real estate and what it takes to be on the path to follow your dream while living everyday with purpose.

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