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Nov 30, 2022

Jeromie Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Transcendent Realty Investments (TRI), LLC. TRI is a real estate investment company that invests in all aspects of real estate and focuses on strategically buying and selling real estate and creating impact in the communities that it serves. He is a real estate/business investor, consultant, motivational speaker, and coach. He is known and recognized for his innovative, dynamic, and entrepreneurial ability to solve real estate and business challenges. Tucker has been featured in several magazines such as The Top 100 Magazine, CIO Bulletin, and Beyond Exclamation Magazine.

His passion and purpose are helping others recognize and capitalize on their strengths in real estate and assisting them to fulfill their goals.

Tucker owns two other companies, Transcendent Rental Properties (TRP), LLC, and Transcendent Capital (TC), LLC. His Rental Properties, LLC focuses primarily on investing in multi-units, and his Capital, LLC is a partnership that helps businesses gain access to funding, insurance, and business/real estate consulting. As part of his commitment to the Tulsa community, Tucker works with Birthright Living Legacy, a non-profit that supports and celebrates fathers.


1:45 - When and how Jeromie found long term wealth with Real Estate

4:00 - How Jeromie knew Real Estate investing worked to build wealth

5:40 - Jeromie’s thoughts on house flipping

8:00 - The importance of having a partner

13:15 - Real Estate Development

15:45 - Affordable Housing investing

21:00 - Jeromie’s other nonprofit adventures

24:45 - Connecting with Jeromie

25:30 - How to get a free e-book