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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Aug 2, 2023

If you’ve been bullied on Social media ..

Use this video clip to send to the bully..


While bullying is NOT funny, I think when you address that person with this funny video called BULLY CATS… they will get your message to BACK OFF.


Cyber bullying is here to stay.

Something that I read on Linkedin recently made me realize that there is also a “ passive aggressive bullying” on professional websites. 

I think we all see and have experienced this.


Use this video.  It will empower you, without you responding.. people don’t know how to react when you respond to their cyber bullying with this kind of “ silliness.” 


Now I’m making fun of the passive aggressive types who react to someone else’s post with you don’t belong on LinkedIn post on FB. 

PLEASE learn how to scroll, delete and block .


Enjoy the video.  Cyber bullying is dangerous.  Try this instead.


Kundalini yoga- 


 no class listed but check out TUT.COM

here is an of my NOTE FROM THE UNIVERSE which is how they come to your website:  Thoughts become things... choose the good ones! ®

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Never regret love, Valerie.


No matter how blind, it improved your vision.


No matter how foolish, it made you wiser.


And no matter how generous, it made you more.


Hubba, hubba,

  The Universe

Made in Meditation


Wine:  Try low alcohol libations: 

Angry Orchards 1 part

Ginger Beer 1 part 

Splash of vodka

Lime or lemon




Valerie Hail
Podcaster/ Producer
Wealth, Yoga, Wine podcast