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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Apr 9, 2024

This is a story about a Master “artistic engineer”, woodworker.. renown for his restoration of old homes, antiques and surprisingly, Broadway stage sets!.  For the IKEA lovers, don’t bother listening. Harmony Water is very humble when it comes to his artistry. However, having known his exquisite craft for over ten years, I was surprised to learn from him that he was also creating and building stunning Broadway sets to popular hits such as JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. The young man has also won an Emmy for his exquisite artistry for the broadway sets. Working with Harmony will take you back in time when patience, love and vision produce a piece so masterful and alluring that it becomes a mistress to you. You can’t take your eyes off the piece. You constantly stroke it and caressingly touch it with your fingertips .  The pieces and the works that Harmony produces begins a journey and an affair with you and him as partners in his design. This is no “distant relationship” as Harmony expects you to get involved with his creations for you. Harmony explains: “Oh, most important.. I build with love. It cannot be purchased from the hardware store. It must be given to me, in return, from those to whom I give. I once spoke with a cabinet maker who struggled with the finishes on his cabinets. This was about 1990. He asked how I could produce such a beautiful finish in his cabinets. He wanted to do the same finish. I told him that unless he makes love to that piece of furniture he will never have a good finish. It's a relationship with the team of cabinet, finish, and skill. All must be included in the give and take of the process.” To see his work and Broadway scenery projects:

Kundalini Yoga:  Yes you can chant your way to prosperity and protection.  They say that to change a behavior or improve your circumstances it takes a minimum of forty days ,  so try it.

Wine:   you can find this ROSE  and other delectable South African wines at STERLING CELLARS

Boschendal - The Rose Garden Rose 2021 $9.99


“ Taste the Spirit of South Africa” check out this article on one of the oldest vineyards in S.A. RAATS:




FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: kick those thoughts to the curb

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