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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Aug 23, 2023

Tending now - Collaborations Will Take You to Quantum Leaps

Have you ever met someone and thought this is a good person to know?

This can be business or a colleague 

Recently I was interviewed by Paul Finkelstein, whom I met via Alignable.

This interview process has created an interesting collaboration because it is out of my realm.  

Meaning, that he is not in the podcaster industry nor in the public speaking  world.

However, we are of like minds as we both study people such as Napoleon Hill and Bob Proctor.

The most important tip to collaborate STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. REACH OUT TO SOMEONE who shares like minded ideas.

Then find ways to collaborate such as guidance, coffee meetings, help with a project, help with technology or reviewing your resume or a presentation.  Ask them if they would like to participate in that kind of collaboration.  Paul focuses on helping entrepreneurs and small businesses in many ways.  His live streaming on OMGTALK ( online meeting and greeting ) is an amazing community service that he offers.



Yoga - Besides my daily practice of Kundalini Yoga for over thirty years EVERYDAY - I also practice other ways to heal my body:


Wine - Classic Food and wine pairings as summer rolls away

bordeaux blanc and quacamole

burgundy rouge and blck bean salsa


I appreciate my 7000 listeners!!

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