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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Dec 7, 2022


These statements are geared toward keeping you on track everyday to get closer to your goal, your BIG DREAM.

Your power statement is simple.  Concise,  projects victory.

Running through Hell- good examples of Power Statements

One point is that you want to take a "baby" step everyday toward your goal. That means you are going to say to yourself "what can I do in the next five minutes to advance toward my goal?" This is a powerful action step.  Combine that with the power statement and you are on your way to success everyday!!

What’s your VALUE:

KUNDALINI Yoga and Meditation are two tools that are a must for clarity, focus, prosperity. Even managing Social Media. Two links in the podcast details to help you manage stress and social media. 

Guru jagat and Shiva Rose:  Anti aging and stress management 

Brain Acupuncture- managing social media. It works!


virtual meditation classes - these are amazing classes .  Some are free and some are fee based.

Far Niente is a classic buttery and toasty chardonnay  estate  produced since 1979. Rich foods are the best to pair this with. prices vary $50 - $130. Worth it

One way to ensure you have a hefty white wine is to try and orange wine... a skin-contact (orange) wine. It imparts a tannic backbone from the time the juice spends on the skin. It also adds texture and weight. Tarpon Cellars in Napa offers wines that take the classic Napa expressions and add a modern twist.

Spanish classis whites provide a long finish and great texture, such as Conde Valdemar Blanco from the Rioja region of Spain. This blend of 85% viura, 10% malvasia, 3% sauvignon blanc, and 2% tempranillo blanco has a lot going on. Luscious richness, fresh ripe stone fruit, grassy, lemon flavors, floral aromas. Viura, the main grape, is the same grape used in Cava, where it is called Macabeo.

Go de Godello, d.o bierzo Soto $24.  This is found at 4th and Vine.  From the northern region of Spain - Bilbao, Godello is the varital.  Nice headiness, the same richness that goes with cream sauces, lobster, etc.


In spirit of GIVING: Check out 4th and Vine’s $60 gift card offer when you shop with them:


My Favorite Things section 

Masterclass to create your online course



My kundalini yoga teacher:        @valeriehail56