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Wealth, Yoga Wine

May 21, 2024


There are certain songs that take us back to our first love encounter, perhaps a summer love or even now if you are blessed with having that special person in your life...Music reminds us of many dreams, which we all want to be fulfilled.

Price Pritchett talks about the effect of YOU2 (you squared) : “This is a Quantum Leap strategy, that can deliver those special dreams and ambitions that you instinctively feel should be yours." Even when it comes to one's romance and love life, YOU2 can be followed.  Life changes will happen for what you deserve.

(The process its laid out in his classic handbook, YOU2) .

When I think of Romance, for my past, I remember listening  to SADE,

Or songs that have nothing to do with Romance , but make you feel on top of the world, or dancing alone.. here are a few suggestions; Bodeans GOOD THINGS 

Now Baseball, is the epitome of summer fun and happiness.  The game can also represent dreams many athletes striving for greatness during their games...  I feel very happy when I watch baseball as do millions of people.. and here’s why: many times you get to witness the commaraderie of the team mates, the playful antics, the pranksters..  

check this out:

The idea  is that we all have hidden gifts, potential assets that go unused.  We  want to open those gifts as Price Pritchett tells us.  Even in Romance and Baseball, there are choices that we make which are life changing.  And that’s just it… when it comes to CHANGE, many of us chicken out.  Watch Pritchett’s GO BRAVE short clip in the section below under "DISCOVER"


WINE  Portugal has some of the best undiscovered and value added wines produced.  One of my favorites in a Rose’ from the Lagos area, in the Algarve.  And a bargain @ about $15.

Great video on Portugese wines:



Oceans of Thoughts Book One on Amazon: Rosalind Seveirn McClean, Author

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Merci et Aurevoir