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Jun 5, 2024

Stories:Baseball Stadiums and Romantic Places

Most of us know or have visited COOPERSTOWN, NY the Baseball Hall of Fame.  It is a great place to visit - off the beaten path but surrounded by lush hills and close enough to the Finger Lakes to enjoy NY wine country. I used to be a great batter in the batting cages.  The last time I was there all the balls came out at me at once.  I screamed like a girl.

An unusual historical baseball stadium is located there, DOUBLEDAY FIELD. This stadium has been there since 1920. Historically, the annual Hall of Fame Game was held there until 1908.

Also noteworthy, FENWAY PARK, located in Boston, home to the Boston Red Sox 1912.  Famous for its tallest stadium wall in the U.S, the GREEN MONSTER,  it's the original WALL.

Lastly, WRIGLEY FIELD, located in a neighborhood of Chicago and home to the Chicago Cubs.This location is surrounded by restaurants, bars and residences! The neighbors can watch the game right from their rooftops.


Romantic places for me will always be in France.  While most would choose Paris, one really wants to visit the Bordeaux coast seashore…straying into the other areas such as the seaside of Cape Ferret : An Insider Guide to Cap Ferret.

Kundalini yoga    Prosperity and protection 

Wine FORLORN HOPE NAPA VALLEY. “ Taken from the Dutch ‘verloren hoop’, meaning ‘lost troop’, Forlorn Hope was the name given to the band of soldiers who volunteered to lead the charge directly into enemy defenses. “

Forlorn Hope wine clubs"

"the ultimate rare  creatures", "the menagerie club", the bestiary"




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