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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Jan 16, 2024


The story of Fontana Candle company is exhilarating because this family-

owned business was a start up in 2017 and now is a six figure company

busting through its seams. Here is a great video about their company and them..

Quoting Katie Roering “they wanted to disrupt the fragrance world” from all the toxicity attributed to old practices in creating fragrant candles and other home products. .The video is a great attribute to the whole idea of being focused and as innovative thinkers and creators. Plays great alongside Price Pritchett's clip:

Price Pritchett says GO BRAVE


Kundalini yoga This Kriya is perfect for renewal, beauty, ant-aging  and vitality


Wine DRY JANUARY still at it folks.

There is an interesting book: SOBER CURIOUS by Ruby Warrington.  The subtitle is The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, …. 

I have always researched sobriety because my mother was an alcoholic.

It was one of my biggest fears that I would be like her so I started therapy.

Ironically I became an expert in the fine wine industry.




FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING: kick those thoughts to the curb

MINICOURSE created by Valerie Hail.

Choose one class $57 

Six classes $237

Here’s a quick video that is the introduction and first lesson. There is a free lesson in the video.

People can choose one lesson or six consecutive lessons

John Hudson a muscian who never, never never gives up. Send him a recording contract

I can’t Do This Again. Used by Permission

@valeriehail56 COMING SOON