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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Dec 27, 2022

The Ultimate Idea for a Multiple Source of Income Pays off in Any Economy 

One of the best resources for you to get ahead and stay ahead of  any economy is having Multiple Sources of Income.

No pyramids, no network scams, no inventory…

And the one that you can start immediately is at your fingertips: 

An online course: 

The best one that I have studied is

Course Creator HQ by Julie Hood


Here are three of her ideas that I like:

Free access to her simple and unique Test 

Is Your Course Idea Any Good?

Let’s find out! Here’s a short exercise for you to evaluate your idea. Step 1: ​ Print Page 2 of this document.

Step 2:​ ​Watch the 15:48 video for instructions.

Next her podcasts are invaluable.  Here are my top five suggestions.

Episode 109 Choosing a Course Host 

Episode 07 

E010 Online Course Creation 13 Secrets to Finishing Your Course

105, 103, 80, 79 

CONTACT ME directly and I'll give you more info.  I'm launching two mini courses soon and they are humdingers