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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Dec 14, 2020

Mary Morrissey tells us to bring laughter into our lives to increase the good that we deserve. Yes - change your behavior even in a pandemic..especially now..bring laughter into your world.  I have easy immediate suggestions

When you create more joy -laughter - even in chaos- you raise your vibration.

This increases the attraction that brings good things to us

Kundalini Yoga -anger kriya - who isn't angry now? This is one of the most powerful kriyas to abort and control anger in your life. (hint: it's easier to laugh when you let go of anger...)

Wine suggestions and stores where you can find good value wines $25 and under. I know good wines for that price and will help you find them..

The press and wine writers have been suggesting the dumbest, most expensive, and most difficult wines for consumers to purchase this holiday season.

Send me an email from my website and I'll help you find good value wines in  your area..My gift to you