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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Nov 19, 2020

Three mentors who are the masters of developing human potential:

Peggy McColl

BoB Proctor

Mary Morrissey

Valerie highlights each one and where they might fit in your life

As always, take a Kundalinini virtual class from her teacher Hariprakaash

WineSuggestions that you couldn't hear:  J.J Prum any riesling from this...

Nov 15, 2020

There isn't one thing that you can think up, that there isn't an answer.

There isn't one problem that you have, that there isn't a solution.

There isn't one difficulty that you are facing for which there  isn't the POWER WITHIN YOU TO OVER COME

Deep breathing exercise- Mary's meditation

Bourgogne Blanc- White burgundies...

Nov 2, 2020

This episode discusses Work from home websites (WFH) and ideas

Kudalinini Yoga "anger breath" - perfect for the Pandemic or to avoid volatile situations

And Burgundy wine and food pairing - Bourgogne Rouge