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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Jan 27, 2021

DREAMBUILDER live is a three day summit January 29-31 and it's fitting for our challenging global pandemic.

Do you have Gen Z or Gen X at home- full of fear and doubt as to their futures?  All of us, even adults, are searching for new careers, opportunities...we are all devastated and in need of guidance.

Mary provides...

Jan 20, 2021

Paradigms are limiting beliefs, but we can also have good paradigms.

If you find yourself saying "I can't, I don't " change those words to "I CAN,  I AM."

Remember that thoughts become things, which in turn produce feelings.

Those feelings create a vibration, that vibration creates an attraction.  Therefore attract the...

Jan 13, 2021

The power of your words can either improve a life or damage a life. A scientist did an experiment using three vials of water.

He said " I love you" to the first vial.  To the second vial, " I hate you." The third vial, " you disgust me"

Each water was frozen. The" I love you" vial formed beautiful snowflake shapes.  The...

Jan 7, 2021

Peggy McColl has a great new book out -SAVY WISDOM- it's similar to a parable.  I know from working with Peggy that it is also a true story about her.  The book opens with a high schooler contemplating suicide.  Every chapter has a life teaching example.  This book is perfect for you, your family, spouse and children,...