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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Sep 29, 2021

Price Pritchett, Ph.D. is famous for corporate mergers and acquisitions.  However, another claim to fame is his concept, philosophy and practice of YOU2 (you squared) which leads to Quantum Leaps.  Learn the six steps that will catapult your achievements to unbelievable heights.

Sep 22, 2021

Mary Morrissey teaches us how to write a LIFE LIST ... this is not a bucket list.  It is a list of things that we want to happen in our life that creates all our dreams, longings and desires to be achieved.

Tyler Perry is a perfect example of this:

Sep 21, 2021

Mary Morrissey's free masterclass will teach you the steps necessary to achieve the life that many only dream of but never take the steps to achieve.


Sep 15, 2021

The Law of Forgiveness has a place in our corporate environment. The reasoning is that this practice can improve the bottomline, employee morale and loyalty.

Kundalini yoga invokes the science of sound.  Here are two songs that are for calm and...

Sep 8, 2021

Mary Morrissey shares a story about a young physically challenged boy who used his big heart to help everyone win a race for young children with physical challenges.  It's important to give yourself a WIN everyday as this propels you forward.

Mary Morrissey has been teaching transformation for over fifty years.