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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Perception, Money, Food Insecurity, Aeroponics

Mar 30, 2022

Many people have money paradigms believing that certain things are luxuries, too expensive or pricey. I am concerned with food insecurity amongst our children and seniors.  However the Tower Garden is such a cool way to help eradicate food insecurity... if your money paradigm kicks in... CHANGE IT

Nothing Bad happens in our Life unless..

Mar 30, 2022

Nothing is bad in our world unless we THINK it is Bad.  Our perception is what will cause us to THINK certain thoughts about a difficult, traumatic event.  It is important that we choose resiliency and build our inner strength to manage the “ bad” events.
Into your genius is a magnificent program to incorporate your...

Mar 23, 2022

Gratitude, Attitude equals self empowerment.  We are more powerful and have more potential than any circumstance, situation.  Create a powerful attitude to sail smoothly through the storms  learn how on my podcast.


Into your...

Your Mind’s Eye, Intuition and the Genius Mind

Mar 16, 2022



Your Mind’s Eye is the direct path to intuition, one of our six higher faculties.

We all have access to to a genius mind.

We have access to: Answers, information, the next steps toward our dreams. Intuition is the mental that guides our wisdom and knowledge, that small inner voice.  Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey...