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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Jul 27, 2022

I hate dieting - 5 tips to cheat 

Never too young to get in shape. 80 yo knocks it out of the park  (on the dance floor) Britiain's got talent golden buzzer GREAT VID

I never diet anyway.. 

Five tips to improve physique immediately 

1 )Drink one glass of water immediately when you...

Jul 20, 2022

Sometimes we make bloopers when there is a huuuge miscommunication.. and sometimes we need to ask for a "Do Over".. also called a Mulligan..

In honor of summer, I included some funny blooper videos on my podcast, simply so we can remember to laugh, as our mental health needs to laugh..

Who has ever done something or...

Jul 13, 2022

Are Chasing Wealth, Money?  

Wealth is a mindset. It is NOT money in the bank…. What we all really want is an abundant life which embraces: 

Health and Well being


Love and Relationships 

Time and Money Freedom 

( people who HAVE money, don’t make time to enjoy it)

Optimism helps: 


Jul 6, 2022

Forget the therapist.. use three techniques instead

Tap down the negative 

Get rid of the" I CAN’T , I DON’T HAVE, I WON’T"

( I am doing this thing,  I AM I AM)

Laugh, laugh, humor, : replace news with funny shows, YouTube FREE movies, books

Bob Newhart’s sit com ( remember he was a psychologist…) 

Bob Newhart...