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Wealth, Yoga Wine

May 28, 2024

Athletes as role models, heroes, teachers

The athletes that I admire the most are the ones who posses HUMILITY.

Simone Biles, a designated GOAT ( Greatest of All Time) should not need an introduction.

Perhaps some of you don’t know that she was raised by exceptional foster parents.  She is a victorious survivor of...

May 21, 2024


There are certain songs that take us back to our first love encounter, perhaps a summer love or even now if you are blessed with having that special person in your life...Music reminds us of many dreams, which we all want to be fulfilled.

Price Pritchett talks about the effect of...

May 14, 2024

Shohei, Taylor, Quantum Leaps: Baseball, Romance, Luck?


I don’t usually talk about celebs, however there is a correlation here that I want to make between Shohei, Taylor and Quantum Leaps.

Quantum Leaps, according to Price Pritchett lead to explosive results.

We all have the capacity for Quantum Leaps.  Pritchett...

May 7, 2024

Unique DIY Mother’s DAY GIFT IDEAS 

There is no finer gift for your mom than the ones that help her improve her body and mind.

The following suggestions are just that.  Some are virtual.  Some require a little printing and wrapping to give these inventive gifts to her: 

Dr. Rinehart is located...

May 1, 2024


How does Romance begin?  And what does it have to do with Baseball? 

For one, don’t you think that Romance is akin to a foreign language?

I have been studying European Portuguese for over a year and it’s the  most difficult language that I am mastering: My French is fine, Italian so-so, Spanish ok… 

It is really...