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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Jul 13, 2022

Are Chasing Wealth, Money?  

Wealth is a mindset. It is NOT money in the bank…. What we all really want is an abundant life which embraces: 

Health and Well being


Love and Relationships 

Time and Money Freedom 

( people who HAVE money, don’t make time to enjoy it)

Optimism helps: 


K - Yoga


Yin and Yang,Adversity and Success

Amy j Harris

Her Shaman Sessions include anything from Oracle Readings, remote Reiki/Acupressure where she teaches you the acupressure points on your body where you need to press to help you heal yourself from the inside out, "5000 year-old Wisdom of Herbal Healing and how to use cleansing foods, homeopathic tinctures and Chinese Medicine to help your body naturally heal."

If you give her the names of allopathic treatments and medications from your Western medical providers she works in tandem with them. Her clients always come back affirming what she channeled to be correct. In this way, she directs doctors (who treat symptoms) to the main source of the issue and has assisted them in curing many common ailments that are difficult to diagnose (but happening more often these days due to home and environmental toxins, like thrush, for example)."

"Sometimes serious illness has sources that stem from Metaphysical issues of the mind and she tackles these as well because there is no more powerful computer on the planet than the human brain."

Author of “The Truthful Intuitive Guide to Life Everlasting" 

@TIGLEamyjharris  @TheAscendedMasterAmyJHarris


Wine - West Palm wines

West Palm Wines is proud to introduce  Wines of the World, or WOW. Mark and Kate  select new wines every month that are not carried at West Palm Wines, and come from small, esoteric, harder to find wineries from AROUND THE WORLD.

Princess Palm: $39.99 per month - Includes 1 white and 1 red.

Queen Palm: $125.00 per month - Includes 3 top reds

All packages include shipping within the state of FL.

For the very discriminating palette or collector we also have the

VIP Royal Tier Membership:

*Exclusive QUARTERLY Offering: (Starting June 1st, September 1st, December 1st)

King Palm Cellar Selections: $300.00 per quarter 

My Favorite Things:

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