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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Jul 20, 2022

Sometimes we make bloopers when there is a huuuge miscommunication.. and sometimes we need to ask for a "Do Over".. also called a Mulligan..

In honor of summer, I included some funny blooper videos on my podcast, simply so we can remember to laugh, as our mental health needs to laugh..

Who has ever done something or acted in some way that was totally misconstrued?

Now that can be a blooper...

I’m including this baseball blooper because I’m determined to keep our mental health on an even keel and we need funny..



Here’s a story where the oddest thing happened to me.. regarding one of my long time friends and colleaugues.  Eventually I’m going to ask for a Mulligan, " a do over" from this long time friend and colleague:

 We had a huuuuge miscommunication about a business opportunity for his winery and distillery, that I proposed in writing. 

At the same time I wrote to him regarding the opportunity, his mom had died.

I did not know this however.

Our communication wires were completely discombobulated- he was grieving ( unbeknownst to me).

I was offering a business opportunity.

Listen to hear how it will be resolved......

Yoga- kundalini is very different from all the yoga practices in the world

 I have discovered a meditation practitioner KERRY KOPASEK, who is making a difference combining 

ART, DESIGN and MEDITATION  she has named her healing arts practice:


Examples of classes for kids: 


and another funny video:  CAROL BURNETT BLOOPERS


Wine - West Palm wines

West Palm Wines is proud to introduce  Wines of the World, or WOW. Mark and Kate  select new wines every month that are not carried at West Palm Wines, and come from small, esoteric, harder to find wineries from AROUND THE WORLD.

Princess Palm: $39.99 per month - Includes 1 white and 1 red.

Queen Palm: $125.00 per month - Includes 3 top reds

All packages include shipping within the state of FL.

For the very discriminating palette or collector we also have the

VIP Royal Tier Membership:

*Exclusive QUARTERLY Offering: (Starting June 1st, September 1st, December 1st)

King Palm Cellar Selections: $300.00 per quarter 

Please mention VALERIE when signing up



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