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Wealth, Yoga Wine

Jul 17, 2024


 Orioles & Yankees

I’m confused as to why the players do this… however when you see these two clips, evidently the NY YANKEES ENJOY hitting their opponents with the ball.

Viciously.  When you watch these video you see why the ORIOLES were so...

Jul 10, 2024

Baseball, Romance, Announcers,  & Music

Baseball has to have the right announcers to be truly enjoyed… their excitement, their tone of voice makes the game more exciting right? I see a lot of  great  baseball plays on YouTube. The announcer always adds an extra thrill to the games.   Baseballs being caught at 100 mph...

Jul 1, 2024

From Corporate to Poet

This is a story about a young seventy years of age woman, who has moved on from the corporate world to an aspiring, acclaimed poet and author of poetry .  Rosalind Severin McClean has written three books of poetry and is on to her fourth.  Introducing OCEANS of THOUGHTS. Hailing from Dominica in...

Jun 25, 2024

The Negro Leagues, MLB and HALL OF FAME: The Controversy

Many of America's most talented ballplayers wrote their

legends outside the Majors. Jackie Robinson broke that barrier

when he debuted with the Dodgers in 1947, but it would take

another 24 years -- and a public plea from Ted Williams -- for the

Hall to induct its...

Jun 16, 2024

AT OUR AGE is a special podcast that I create to feature everyday people doing extraordinary projects, having a full lifestyle even in their seventies, eighties and beyond. People who are sixty-five and older are my focus on this special podcast. I highlight people who are active and adventurous:

John is the first being...