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Full Haus

Mar 27, 2021

We shift back to our bread and butter this week to speak with two special first-time guests on the foster care system, adoption obstacles, and fertility perseverance. Plus more tough questions from the audience, a fresh NTC, and even an original poem by junior. Join us!

Break: "Forever" by Farius

Close: "Nordland"...

Mar 20, 2021

Is this the greatest Full Haus yet? Maybe. If so, it's no thanks to our special guest this week! Join us for a wide-ranging conversation with Thomas Sewell of Australia, from his personal ideology, approach to the cause, what he's building down under, and how we all need to man up and embrace the struggle. This one is...

Mar 13, 2021

We're overjoyed to welcome back new father Franz this week, who joined us in summer 2019 to open up about challenges in conception...and overcame! We also address MP's hand grenade ("The Marriage Question") and answer the mail, including a gut-wrenching email from a father estranged from his daughter. Hop in,...

Mar 6, 2021

A very important and sensitive show this week as we tackle the thorny topic of divorce with two survivors.  Then we effortlessly segue into pitbulls and lawn care. Plus Navigating the Collapse, of course.

Break: "Where'd You Go?" by Mr. Bond

Close: "Jackie Don't Go" by Survivor

Rusty's Recommended Lawncare Tools &...

Mar 1, 2021

We're gray! With sincere apologies for the delayed show, the Birth Panel gets reflective on aging and true quality of life. Plus: "disownable" offspring offenses, the birds and the bees talk, pre-K childcare, when your child comes home feeling white guilt, getting chicks...and of course Navigating the...