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Full Haus

Feb 5, 2022

We have a different show in store this week, as you will be hearing just our second hour. That's right! We recorded a sincerely wonderful first half with a Christian nationalist in which we parsed race, religion, the Old Testament, the JQ, and more with our usual elan and bonhomie. It was clean, and we were all pals going into the break. Unfortunately, however, our fondness for certain historical symbols and great men that give our enemies the vapors are apparently also still too spooky for some of our own people - even those fully aware of who holds the whip hand in this sick society - so just as we were about to post the show, we were asked not to.

Gentlemen that we are, we regrettably obliged. I frankly was prepared to scrap the whole thing in disgust, but good ol' Rolo smacked me about the face, told me to stop being a drama queen, and made some fine edits to make the second half salvageable. So we split the baby - hour two only. And we therefore present...the Solomon Episode.

Close: "Crusader" by Saxon

Sam recommends Christogenea, Scriptures for America, and Kingdom Ministries. And of course the traditional Latin Mass.

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