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Full Haus

Jan 27, 2022

As of January 26th, there is a decent chance of the biggest armed conflict in Europe since World War 2 breaking out any day between Russia and Ukraine. It's not a foregone conclusion to be sure, but it feels like it. Almost eight years after the Maidan Coup in Kiev and subsequent Russian reclamation of Crimea, Russia has massed forces in Belarus, along its long border with Ukraine, and in the Black Sea. Why is this happening, and why now? And what are the prospects for war, and the likely consequences?

To parse those questions and also discuss the bigger picture of U.S. and Russian relations amidst Cold War-esque drama, we're honored to welcome Charles Bausman, longtime American expat in Russia, and the Editor and Publisher of Russia Insider for a Full Haus Special. Davai!


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