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Full Haus

Mar 6, 2021

A very important and sensitive show this week as we tackle the thorny topic of divorce with two survivors.  Then we effortlessly segue into pitbulls and lawn care. Plus Navigating the Collapse, of course.

Break: "Where'd You Go?" by Mr. Bond

Close: "Jackie Don't Go" by Survivor

Rusty's Recommended Lawncare Tools & Products:

YardMastery iOS App

Scott's iOS app (use to measure lawn):

Tenacity Herbicide

Fungicide strategy: Prophylactic or treatment dose propiconazole

Second fungicide: Disease Ex from Scotts

Most important insecticide everyone should do in spring heading into summer: Prophylactic Grub Ex

Organic fertilizer that is amazing, reliable, and won't burn the lawn:

GreenCast Soil Temperature Maps

Yard Mastery 

Sam & Son's Model U-Boat!

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