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Aug 26, 2022

Ok so we've crossed the bridge into Retirement.

Life is wonderful - or so it seems for the first few weeks and months.

Then you ask yourself, "Is this it?"

"What do I do now? - I have years and years ahead of me, I can't watch YouTube videos ALL day, EVERY day.


Aug 18, 2022

Is saving money the ONLY part of Retirement Planning?


There's no point in saving for your retirement then discovering that when you retire you don't know what to do every day. Maybe count your money?

Listen to UK Financial Expert Ian Price chat about the other issues to be considered when making those critical plans...

Aug 11, 2022

What's the Difference Between Guiding and Micro-Managing?

How do you mentor the younger people in your life?

Should you solve everyone else's problems?

Is it better to let younger people make mistakes?

Is it ever ok to say, "I told you so"?

Aug 4, 2022

Finding New Ways To Be Useful in Later Life - This Changes Everything.

Now that we've retired and still young maybe it's time to re-think this Retirement Stuff.

Many people have decided to get back to work - but how do you decide what to do?