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Dec 28, 2021

New Year in Scotland is a very special time of the Year.

There are so many traditions and activities around the celebration of the Scottish word for New Year's Eve - which is Hogmanay.

This dates back to the 1560's at the time of Mary Queen of Scots - she was French and introduced many French words into the vocabulary of Scotland. For example she travelled between Scotland and France regularly and suffered from "Mal de Mer" - her cure was a concoction of oranges and fruits in a jam-based jar - hence we call it "Marmalade".

This Pod also explains the use of the "First Foot" concept and then closes with the world-famous song - Auld Lang Syne - written by Scotland's National Poet, Robert Burns in the late 1970s.

This Pod is informative but also humorous and very entertaining.


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