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Feb 8, 2022

Retirement may not be a word that you are comfortable using. Fair enough. However, the purpose of this new Video Series is to highlight the many emotional and psychological issues face by all of us as we get older.

So, to avoid discomfort for you by using the word “Retirement” we will call the Show “NOT Retirement”.

Make no mistake, the roller-coaster of emotions in our later years can be fast and furious.

  • If we have poor health, we are worried about the outcome.
  • If we don’t have enough money, we are worried we may outlive our money.
  • If there is trauma in the family, we may not be able to easily resolve the problem.
  • If we don’t find new activities, we may suffer boredom.

These issues, and many more, can easily cause stress or depression – or poor sleep – or poor eating – or make us feel and act grumpy.

We have been producing and hosting webinars, social media posts, videos, television shows, radio shows for over 8 years and we have gathered thousands of comments, observations, and suggestions from our 100,000 Followers in 100 Countries. We are grateful for their input and understanding - and especially their sharing of personal experiences, as they get older.

This Show will focus on the emotional impact of many issues which are largely ignored or simply taken for granted by so-called “experts on aging”. Research clearly shows a desperate need by millions of “old folks” to be understood, or maybe just heard.

Well, we hear you – and without any doubt, understand you – so we hope you enjoy the - “NOT Retirement Show.”

Tell us what you think and offer suggestions as we move forwards.

By the way, check out our book on Amazon called “The Third Journey.

Bill & Robin.