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Shonen Flop

Nov 2, 2020

From the creator of Baccano! and Durarara!! comes Stealth Symphony. Set in a fantasy-meets-technology world, you’re just as likely to see a Lizardman as you are an advertisement for the latest cell phone. This manga is about Jig, a human who has been fused with a powerful dragon artifact that’s cursed to act violently to hostile threats. Jig goes to the city of Jinbō-chō in hopes of finding a cure, and we follow his adventures as he adjusts to city life, makes new friends, and learns to use his powers. However, things go completely off the rails from there to the degree Hideo Kojima would be impressed. You’ll have to tune in to find out more. 

 Show Notes:

  • Episode art by Alia Gestl (IG: aliagestl)
  • You can find Tori on Twitter/IG: @HiMissVictoria
  • Twisted & Uncorked:
  • Online Warriors Podcast:  
  • Not Suitable For Adults Podcast:
  • Super Scouts, donate to their Kickstarter:
  • Brands Mean a Lot, where between now and Nov 10th they’ll be donating $5 to the Doe Fund. You can find the article on RGB merchandise here: and learn more about The Doe Fund here:

MAL Description:

In a world where elves, dwarves, and invisible dragons live in harmony inside a metropolitan city, Jig sets out to find someone or something that can unleash the curse that he carries on his back. As he attempts to survive in the city of Jinbocho, a city filled with fantastic secrets and organizations, he encounters many powerful individuals who set out to either destroy him or save him. Will Jig be able to discover the true secret of his curse, or will it lead him to his own demise?