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Shonen Flop

Dec 14, 2020

From the creator of Black Clover, Yūki Tabata, comes Hungry Joker. Hungry Joker is the tale of Heidi, a boy genius scientist with amnesia trying to discover the secret of his past. All he remembers is a black apple, which he has obtained amongst a pile of mysterious glowing corpses as a child. It turns out the black apple is a Eureka, a type of magical artifact that provides its eater gravity powers. Heidi and a secret society of Eureka users “White Joker” have to travel across the world fighting those that would use their Eureka’s for evil.

Show Notes:
• Episode art by Alia Gestl (IG: aliagestl)
• Can find our guest Tre Watson at @trewatsonmusic
• Greatest Gaming Show Ever by Kami Jace:
• Ads4Podcasts: @Ads4Podcasts
• Reel Talk: A Movie Podcast: @Reel_cast
• Blood and Firewater Podcast: @bfwpodsquad
• Married Mash Podcast: @MarriedMash

MAL Description:

Follows the adventures of a scientist Haiji and his assistant Chitose. One day the doctor is called to resolve a mystery about a glowing corpse. From the will of an unknown power the corpse then transforms into a monster and Haiji has to defeat it, to learn all about a mysterious black apple which can regenerate itself and which when eaten will enable someone to control gravity...