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Shonen Flop

Oct 16, 2023


Manga by Masahiro Hirakata

Is there more to this series than a quirky character design? Ehh not really.

We and our guest YouTuber Sarcastic Chorus discuss Shonen Jump manga Rookie Policewoman Kiruko .

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• Note: There is a small factual error, the crossover with Kiruko in Debby the Corsifa is Emulous was chapter 56 not 59. Thank you community member Marty for letting us know


• Shonen Flop is hosted by David Weinberger and Jordan Forbes

• Additional editing assistance by Dylan Crider you can find his podcast, Anime Out of Context at

• Assistance with pronunciation, translation, and other miscellaneous research done by Tucker Whatley and MaxyBee

• Episode art by Merliel (IG: mer_liel)

• Cover art funded by our generous art benefactor Nigel Francis

MAL Description:

After eagerly waiting for the arrival of his new subordinate, policeman Haruki Anjou finds out the recruit, Kiruko Otonashi, is a tonfa-wielding ex-mercenary who doesn't believe in moderation! Whether it is chasing down a thief or doing daily patrols, Kiruko is sure to complete the task using the full force of her military training and ridiculous strength, much to Anjou's chagrin.

Even though Anjou can barely contain the new recruit, his life gets much more difficult when Kiruko's old squadmate, the behemoth Bullet Hawk, and special investigator Chiaki Uchigane come to town as well. With the four's combined talent of greatly exaggerating even the simplest of duties, the city of Nagashima can rest assured that its police force is enthusiastic, to say the least!