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The People's Square

Apr 17, 2023

Borzoi presents news from the National Justice Party, Justice Report, and an excerpt from Ancestral Inheritance.

00:00 - Intro

01:25 - Persecuted Christians In Israel Are Being Ethnically Cleansed. Is Anybody Listening?

11:05 - White, father-of-two lured into Black neighborhood and shot, killed over pizza delivery

17:45 - Black vagrant butchers ‘irreplaceable’ White social worker in targeted attack, police claim

29:10 - Ancestral Inheritance by Joseph Otto Plassmann

37:20 - It’s Going Down columnist and Antifa doxer ‘GothBotAlice’ revealed: Heidi Lightenburger of Denver, Colorado

1:01:45 - Outro

Music: Schumann "Spring" Symphony No 1 In B-Flat Major, Op.38, Manfred Overture, Op. 115, 4. Allegro Animato E Grazioso

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