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The Turnbuckle Tavern

May 25, 2024

In episode 22 ACEFIELD RETRO is SOLO DOLO to discuss the SEP 16th & SEP 23rd episodes of MONDAY NITRO.SYXX is finally here and he is going to join the already stacked NWO in its assault on the WCW roster. We started the build towards HALLOWEEN HAVOC 1996 which is sponsored by SLIM JIM and will be headlined by MACHO MAN & HULK HOGAN. REY MYSTERIO defends his Cruiserweight Championship against JUVENTUD GUERRERA in another shining example of how good that division has been. GLACIER gets some shine on NITRO finally and Mike will talk about it lovingly. Does HIGH VOLTAGE get a shot in the main event?! Sting walks out of WCW. When will we see him again? As usual, we dive deep into Uncle Dave's newsletter as it happened in real-time to bring in CONTEXT and help us travel completely back to 1996 to get an idea of what this event meant to WCW's drive to overtake WWF in the MONDAY NIGHT WARS. NICK THE COMIC NERD makes a surprise run-in to talk about the newsletter and have a discussion about what is going on today in wrestling! What was the rating like? Is there more drama to unpack? Can we find any parallels to the AEW situation? As always, this episode is sure to be a tremendous time with the main homie MIKE BELCASTER! Don't forget to grab your weekly Shot of Nostalgia at 7 PM Eastern to continue FLASHBACK FRIDAY ON THE TAVERN. As always, tip your bartenders & learn from the past! 

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This episode originally aired on September 16, 2022 on our streaming platforms. We are releasing the back catalog for audio purposes! Enjoy!