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The Turnbuckle Tavern

Jan 30, 2023

It is time for the 11th episode of our trip through ECW 1995. It’s our last episode in our traveling through 1995. Episode 11 of Season 2 is here and as per usual ACEFIELD RETRO returns with MIKE BELCASTER to chat about an extreme happening. We take on two events DECEMBER TO DISMEMBER & HOLIDAY HELL 1995 and will dissect all of the HARDCORE TV results from where we last left off to continue building some much-needed context for our journey into ECW’s influential year. What will be our opinion on the event? Will ECW end on a good note? At December to Dismember, we get the first look at their version of the WAR GAMES concept with the ULTIMATE JEOPARDY match . Tommy Dreamer, The Public Enemy and the Pitbulls take on Raven, the Heavenly Bodies, the Eliminators and Stevie Richards . This show is also the debut of ECW in QUEENS, NY which is a very big deal. The WCW raid continues and now WWF joins the fold stealing STEVE AUSTIN before we can even get to the end of this growing main event program. RAVEN replaces AUSTIN in the spot but it feels rushed and hollow. What could have been with STEVE AUSTIN with another few months in ECW's enviornment. MIKEY WHIPWRECK's championship reign is over in short fashion and we get back to the SANDMAN era with the title. HOLIDAY HELL sets the tone for 1996 main evented by SABU & CACTUS JACK. As alway, follow for all your Tavern needs!