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The Turnbuckle Tavern

Dec 24, 2022

It’s CHRISTMAS EVE & it’s time for the 6th episode of our journey through ECW 1995. Episode 6 of Season 2 is here and as per usual ACEFIELD RETRO returns with MIKE BELCASTER to volley about an amazing happening. We take on BARBED WIRE, HOODIES & CHOKESLAMS 1995 and will go through all of the HARDCORE TV results from where we last left off to continue building some much-needed context for our journey into ECW’s influential year. What will be our opinion on the event? We get the debut of NEW JACK fresh from his run in SMOKY MOUNTAIN WRESTLING. We also get a Barbed Wire Rope match between CACTUS JACK & SANDMAN. We saw the debut of LUNA last week but she will be in DREAMER’s corner when he takes on the VAMPIRE WARRIOR aka Gangrel. The news in the OBSERVER is that PAUL HEYMAN is about to take full control of ECW as he jockeys for power. He has eyes towards expanding the reach of ECW from regional to global. Merry Christmas from The Tavern and, as always, follow for all your Tavern needs!