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Do you ever just feel like you have no idea what’s going on with your life? That this “adulting” thing is too impossible? Or wish that you could get advice from the big sister you don’t have? Then The GenTwenty Podcast is for you—it’s part-research, part-personal experience, and all real talk about your 20s, hosted by best friends Nicole and Marina who consider themselves expert at being in their 20s.

Mar 3, 2021

In this episode, Nicole and Marina talk to Xenia Chen, founder of Threads, about the number one goal-setting strategy for business success.

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Xenia Chen is the founder of Threads, a company born from her personal frustrations with tights & nylons. As an investment banker, they were a work wardrobe staple for her, yet she was frustrated by the uncomfortable fit and low quality for price. After a bit of research, she quickly realized that the industry was made up of large, old-school players with deeply fragmented supply chains and heavy markups. By eliminating the middleman, Threads creates high quality, ultra comfy tights that compete with drug store prices, with the added convenience of delivery to your home or office on your chosen schedule.