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Bootstrappers For Entrepreneurs

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Mar 13, 2024

Are you hiring low quality employees? On this episode of Bootstrappers, Jeremy and Gwenn Aspen unveil groundbreaking strategies to navigate the current labor shortage crisis, introducing listeners to the power of remote teams and why you don’t have to hire B and C employees to your team. Businesses, now more than ever, are struggling to find qualified employees and are often forced to retain staff members that don't meet expectations. This episode delves into how small and medium-sized businesses, once restricted to local talent and high recruitment costs, can now develop comprehensive labor strategies that include tapping into a vast pool of international professionals. 

Jeremy and Gwenn share insights into the shifting dynamics of the labor market post-COVID-19 and the emerging generation of workers, asserting that the future of work is border-agnostic.Jeremy and Gwenn illustrate how businesses can significantly reduce labor costs while simultaneously attracting and retaining elite professionals. They touch on the implications for company culture, growth momentum, and the overall success of embracing a global workforce.his episode of "Bootstrappers" is not only a guide to strategic labor hiring in the face of a shortage but a testament to the possibilities that remote work and global team integration offer to modern businesses aiming for growth and efficiency.

This podcast is produced by Two Brothers Creative 2024.